The "Brother 4 Brother" Initiative

The "Brother for Brother" initiative is a movement with various partners within the Foster Care Unplugged advocacy community. This allows various male subgroups and grass roots organizations in the community opportunities to become mentors to youth affected by various forms child welfare interventions. This includes but are not limited to foster care, group homes, non/secure juvenile justice programs. Each group/organization uses tactic measures to expose these youth to safety planning, leadership, healthy decision making, as well as understanding the basic scale of masculinity within various stages of manhood.

A Brother's duty

Bearded Dapper Gents & Foster Care Unplugged partnered up to put youth through a body image and set esteem Transformative journey. Each youth was paired with a male figure from the group, and shared ideas on manhood. Throughout the process mentors and members were sent to Dreu Beckemberg Tailor suit company for for costume suits. Upon the end of project youth mentors along with Founder Melody Centeno were provided with a photo shoot to ensure they never forget their journey.





Through the creator of PCNY[], Wayne Schneider and members  team up with adjudicated youth ages 12 to 17. These young men with whom they live, and attend school together come out for a night of service tat we like to call "Midnight Missions". Youth spend time in their facility kitchen preparing food to bring out to feed the homeless right in the heart of Madison Square Garden.  This activity requires  them to participate in team building. They then are escorted by staff into a designated location to feed the homeless. Through this experience and words of wisdom through PCNY, a reality check on the importance of making better decisions helps youth to understand long term effects on life choices. Certificates of completion to these youth are distributed after some hours of service, in hopes it will help with court ordered reporting they are engaged in.