Become the Plug:  

Foster Care Unplugged has developed partnerships to empower and support the many youth currently in foster care. Below are the active projects we are currently working on. For inquiries on how you can get involved with active projects and/or develop new ones, please contact us. All ideas and proposals are welcomed for review.


Bobbi-Jo Kitchen-Parente, (former foster child,super model, and Founder of Academy for Models) with  Melody Centeno, in support  of the Foster Care Unplugged blue ribbon campaign.


Operation Foot Soldiers:

Youth Sneaker Drive

Operation: Foot Soldiers "Youth Sneaker Drive"

Join us, as we would like to show support by providing youth in foster care with Sneakers for their physical, spiritual, and emotional journey. This sneaker drive will be lead by PCNY and FosterCareUnplugged, whose motives are to empower youth to become foot soldiers of their own lives. Foot soldiers by way of pushing through with their goals, talents and aspirations in spite of the cards they have been dealt in life. New or gently used sneakers/shoes will be accepted in ALL colors and sizes.


Toy Stories Edition:

Foster Care Unplugged: Toy Stories edition will be an event lead byFoster Care Unplugged, and the New Apostolic Church; alongside a local foster care agency: Heart Share Saint Vincent's Services. The agency  will provide the addresses of families who are currently on a trial discharge. .  A trial discharge is a six-month trial period where family court approves the release of a child back into the custody of their primary care takers, while still under State supervision for a trial period of six months. This is a very crucial stage to determine the long term reunification of the family. In support of this period,  stakeholders will then go to these homes unbeknownst to the families. Surprising the families with a flood of gifts, executes the goal of promoting community “random acts of kindness”.  Participants will then introduce themselves, and share some words of encouragement to each child/caregiver, and in support of parent and child engagement.

Panel Discussions:



With the many obstacles that face youth today, foster care youth have in addition have to navigate even more potentially life altering decisions. The workshop will be a panel led discussion with former foster care youth and successful men/women who have matured into adulthood. The panel discussion will begin with panelist introducing themselves and speaking to their story. The panel will be led by a moderator who will then take on topics of discussion related to various areas of personal development such as leadership, career development and resiliency.


Fashion Show Fundraiser:

The Fashion Show Fundraiser will be an event lead by former and current foster care youth, who will collectively be active participants in the show. Current foster care youth will undergo a six week training workshop which will prepare them for the runway, by being taught basic runway walk techniques, and self confidence. There will also be a built in youth enrichment empowerment workshop component lead by former foster care youth Melody Centeno, NYS Licensed Master Social Worker experienced in group therapy, and motivational speaking.  Upon completion of the training workshops, a public fashion show fundraiser event will held to display skills acquired. Community volunteers from the fashion industry will provide clothing and make up to youth as a way to celebrate Foster Care Awareness.


Social Policy Engagement:

Foster Care Unplugged has been working with local and state  politicians to develop a Bill that will help reduce the likelihood of homeless and poverty for youth aging out of foster care. This will Bill will help to develop a trust fund that will offer alternatives to such challenges by allowing youth to have more concrete options in the area of housing and career development.