Foster Care Unplugged is focused on enriching and developing the lives of youth in foster care and is committed to promoting positive outcomes for disadvantaged children at risk to being placed in the child welfare system.


The Mission of Foster Care Unplugged is to identify foster care youth, and develop their emotional-social skills on their journey to resiliency into adulthood.

Our Vision

To bring awareness, develop partnerships, and create initiatives.


Her Story

Melody JoAnne Centeno, LMSW

“We are breaking every stigma associated with being a “Foster Child”.
-Melody JoAnne Centeno, Founder

Melody Joanne Centeno is a motivational speaker, and public advocate in the social work community. Her role as a Licensed Master Social Worker allows her to develop and create many community projects within early childhood education , homelessness , ACS, and the domestic violence arenas. Known to many in her network as “The Plug”, she enjoys bridging people and organizations together for the sake empowering the community. Being raised under the Auspice of the Administration for Children’s Services, she decided to devote her life towards supporting foster care youth, “Bridging personal experience with professional practice”. Founding Foster Care Unplugged, her vision is to maintain an objective strength- based approach concerning the many moving parts within the child welfare system. Highly esteemed for her role model qualities, and lasting impressions her goal is to educate minds, stir hearts, and activate a will within people to become greater. When not working on community projects, she spends most of her free time developing herself as an aspiring actress. Her greatest motivation in life is to serve as a blueprint for her beloved daughter Savannah Arielle Acree. 
Special Thanks to The American Dream Program who helped Melody JoAnne Centeno become the philanthropist she is today.